At SkyCentric, we believe we can enhance any project with our UAV aerial photography and videography by delivering exclusive views from any angle.

Based in the Triangle Area of NC, SkyCentric is a locally owned company that began in 2015 when we were granted a Section 333 Exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. We are insured and our pilots are certified by the FAA and by the US Department of Transportation.

We take a systematic approach to each project and custom tailor it to fit the specific needs of our clients. This allows us to deliver the best and most unique photos and videos for your projects, properties and events. Using drone technology, the marketing potentials and business solutions are limitless. This makes the use of drones an invaluable asset in every aspect of marketing, documentation, and inspections.



Bruce Kassebaum, President

In my marketing career, my clients have ranged from large companies to small single owned private businesses helping each business grow and thrive in their individual area of expertise. Through the years, I have seen technology emerge and with it have come many changes in marketing bringing new platforms to the forefront. Now digital and social media is the standard must of any marketing campaign or business plan and UAV technology is taking center stage. The possibilities are limitless when thinking of the use of drones in everyday business endeavors. I am passionate about helping businesses realize these new angles and perspectives as drone technology brings to life an array of new business solutions.



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